Industrial peace postulates understanding, co-operation between the employers and employees. A quest of industrial peace is indispensable for economic progress of the country. Industrial peace leads to more co-operation between employees and employers which results in productivity, prosperity and welfare. See this www.epoxysetinc.com for more information about high temperature epoxy.

Here in the U.S. it seems like there are tons of church social media and church marketing businesses trying to “increase reach” for ministries and churches.  A lot of effort and research is placed on millenials and younger generations that are “unchurched.”


I’m Patty Keyuranggul - social scientist, writer, speaker and instigator. A researcher by nature, my interests include religion, ICT (information and communication technology), culture, comics, film, fiction, intellectual and social trends, writing, and Thailand. I spent a year practicing alternate day fasting as a spiritual discipline. Depending on the situation, people have called me a bridge-builder or a fire-starter. I studied history and systematic theology and am currently serving on the Board forWittenberg 2017. I’ve skinny-dipped in the Sea of Galilee and drank snake blood in Vietnam. Contact me or learn more about me here.


We are on the cusp of a technological phase change – within our lifetime, may even this decade, the entire world population will be online.  While we may be close to online saturation in the U.S., mobile technology is enabling global growth at a staggering rate.  At the same time, experts in multiple fields .